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With the NHL's switch to adidas as the jersey manufacturer this season it brought many changes to uniforms across the league. Some teams made major changes like the Predators or Devils and some teams made more subtle changes; one of which was the Bruins. The Bruins to start changed up their font slightly and removed the black stroke from it resulting in a cleaner look. They also changed up their socks, making the switch from gold to black. According to the Bruins have used gold socks for their primary jerseys aside from some stints with white socks. While this may seem like a very minor change in my opinion it really changes the feel of the uniforms. The gold socks made the gold on the shoulders pop a lot more and made the entire uniform seem more bright. The black socks, at least from the photos I've seen so far, really blend in and don't stand out like the gold ones did. We've seen this look before with the alternate jerseys used from 2008-16.
Alternate "Men In Black" Jerseys used from 2008-16
As you can see the black socks along with the lack of striping on the pants give the bottom part of this uniform a very "pajama" feel. I think most of the fanbase won't really notice this change all that much but I think we'll probably see in a few years a switch back to gold just with a striping update similar to this,

Mackenzie Murphy also made a good point that the new socks are almost identical to the Penguins ones

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