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Welcome To The Bear Den

Welcome to the Bear Den! This site is still very much in its early stages and is only a shell of what I have planned for it. This site is going to be all about the intricacies of the Boston Bruins from the rafters down to the center ice. My goal is to talk about almost every detail. If you're looking for talk about how the players on the ice perform look somewhere else, as this site is all about those other details that make Bruins games some of the most entertaining in the NHL.

With that out of the way I should probably introduce myself. My name is Alex, some of you may know me as N2B Goal Horns on YouTube. I'm from just outside Manchester, NH and I've been a Bruins fan my entire life. I've always loved the little details of hockey games, especially goal horns. That lead me to recreating goal horns on YouTube and then creating more and more intricate graphics for them and now I'm here. I can't wait to start talking about the most nerdy parts of  Bruins games with you all.

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